Hybrid plm system

The project aim is to develop new product lifecycle management system for processing all data about products. The system is designed as a hybrid and it allows access and data handling in plm applic. Sides and applic. Running in cloud, thus enabling integration of externally cooperating organization.

In industrial companies, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a process where all data describing the product throughout its entire life cycle are controlled. It is from the initial idea stage of its production realization, the first draft, through construction, production preparation, production, product service to its actual disposal associated with recycling product material and ecology. PLM system integrates people, data, processes and existing IT systems implemented in industrial organizations and it is a backbone system for administration of knowledge about the product in an industrial organization and among its sub-suppliers. PLM helps companies to manage the complexity of new product development in today's highly competitive market conditions, which requires continuous rapid development of new product properties, and adaptation to individual requirements of more and more demanding customers. PLM system contains all the information concerning the product technical description and the description of the production, assembly and service procedures required for production, installation and exploitation of the product. Vast majority of these systems is implemented in manufacturing companies, on their own IT infrastructure (private domain), where all data are stored on servers located in these companies and the applications are administered (database maintenance, access rights, backup, data security ...) by their own IT specialists. The basic idea of the development of hybrid PLM system "HYBRID PLM" was based on the following factors: • Current situation in the area of the used PLM systems • Existing technological possibilities in the ICT area related to cloud utilization • Maintain security of original data HYBRID PLM system developed for the above mentioned reasons assumes to be characterized by the following set of basic functions and properties: - The owner of PLM application will be able to define which data will be stored in the PLM system. Data will be stored in their private infrastructure and also in the cloud environment, so that partner organizations can also access these data. - Data status in cloud must always match the status of data stored in the PLM system. That is why one of the features will provide synchronization of such selected data. - A user who is connected to cloud environment will be able to view various data formats, including CAD data in the way the data are normally viewed in usual PLM systems. - A user connected to cloud environment will be able to search data in cloud, using methods which are usual in standard PLM systems. - A user connected to cloud environment will be involved in the process (e.g. change management, validation, etc.) that will be initialized in basic PLM system. In addition, the user will be able to perform the necessary activities related to the data. - A user will also save his data directly in cloud, so that these data are automatically transferred to basic PLM systems. - Data security in cloud will be at the same level as the security of data in PPLM system
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8 756
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740 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
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Industrial Equipment and Machinery

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