Smart acoustic emission transducers

To create cost-effective smart acoustic emission transducers (saet) with wireless transfer of synchronously digitized signals. For that purpose the innovative saet solutions and new means of calibration will be proposed along with the technology of the serial production.

AE method is one of the most important NDT methods which allows to reduce the risk of technical catastrophes. It enables to solve many theoretical and practical problems. The NDT method is applicable in nuclear power stations, chemistry and oil industries for pressure vessels, leak control, etc. The most important elements in AE measurement systems are AE transducers. Their main characteristics are sensitivity and frequency response. As the most of AE systems are based on counting of events, the pulse characteristic of the AE transducer is important. The whole AE transfer tract characteristics are also important. The most of AE measurement systems work in the frequency range up to several hundred kHz. When conducting research of big objects and leak location, the low frequency transducers are used (frequency range: tens of kHz). When the big objects are researched, the measurement transducers are far from each other (up to several tens of meters). To avoid long connecting cables we propose smart low frequency wireless AE transducers which are featured with autonomic power source and have remote time stamp transfer capability for locating as well as remote transfer of acquired data and the coordinates both of AE sources (defects). The foreseen characteristics of AE transducers: Sensitivity relative to 1V(m/s): 70-80dB Frequency range: 20-40kHz Data transfer range: up to 150m. Differently from other companies, each transducer will be provided with pulse and frequency response characteristics. The characteristics measurement stand will be designed which will enable to induce a pre-determined impact for the AE transducer. We will use our experience in this field and apply the synthesis of programmable mechanical impact in dispersed wave guides. The foreseen impact: Form of the signal - from half sine period to 10 periods; Half period duration:10-50µs The AE signal form is influenced both by transducer and signal transfer tract, therefore the portable source-actuator of mechanical pulses will be designed. Actuator characteristics: Duration of half sine period: 10 µs Amplitude: 0.1 µm According to our knowledge, measurement device analogs do not exist. The production technology will be created and they will be adapted to existing data acquisition block and will be tested under real conditions.
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8 765
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220 000.00€
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Signal Processing
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Mobile communications, pagers and cellular radio

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