Introduction of high-quality cherry cultivars suitable for the european market

Selections of new cherry cultivars and their introduction in growing is the main goal of the project. Recent attention on the human health benefits of cherries helped boost their consumption because of their high antioxydant content (polyphenol, vitamin c, anthocyanin).

Selection of high-quality sweet and sour cherry cultivars suitable for the European market and their introduction in commercial production is the main goal of the project. Sweet cherries have been a popular fruit crop for consumption in Europe for many years and they are one of the most popular temperate fruit crops despite their relatively high price. Around 40% of world cherry production originates from Europe. Cherries in particular have been found to offer a good source of antioxidants. Recent attention on the health benefits of cherries helped boost their consumption. Only high intensive sweet cherry orchards give an opportunity for the growers to produce the sweet cherry on competitive cost level beside of big yield and high fruit quality. For increasing of the competitiveness of sweet cherry production upgraded new bred cultivars with very early or very late ripening time, big yield, good appearance, good flavour, large fruit size, resistant to rain induced cracking, resistant to diseases as well as innovative orchard systems with special regards to rootstocks, tree canopy, orchards spacing, irrigation and rein protection are absolutely necessary. Sour cherries are a fruit species mainly for food industrial purposes. Sour cherries according to the results of medical examinations also play an important role in the human nutrition because of their high antioxydant content (polyphenol, vitamin C, anthocyanin). Growers are interested in tart cherries with good flavour, good appearance for fresh consumption and high resistance (tolerance) to the diseases. New intensive sour cherry orchards produce fruits for fresh consumption. This market sector is rising year by year. New sweet and sour cherry cultivars are required to fulfil the both market and grower´s demands. In the European countries ratio of the poor condition orchards is very high (around 30%), therefore it is necessary to work out a technology to improve their conditions as well as their regeneration capacity, yield, and fruit quality. Old cultivars play the important role in the production till now. Today we should use them as genetic resource of required traits as well as cultivars because of their peculiar fruit quality and flavour, as genetic resource of the disease resistance and tolerance to rain induced cracking. Commercial cherry producers are exposed to several problems in growing. In relation to climate change and global warming evident oscillation of temperature and distribution of precipitation appear during the year and even also during vegetative season. New more virulent disease pathogens are arising. Growers are exposed to intensive plant disease and pest protection, demand of fruit quality and safety is increasing also, pesticides residua have to be minimized or even excluded. Economy of production is very important factor for commercial growers. Costs of pruning and costs of plant protection are the main volume of the total operating costs and they induce huge financial outlay. Development of new high market value cherry cultivars and they introduction in the commercial growing is the solution in decreasing of operating costs. On the basis of previous evaluation of cherry cultivars and extensive breeding material is nowadays known that those cultivars and genotypes are distinguished not only in the time of ripening and in the huge range of fruit traits but also in resistance to diseases, intensity of growth, tolerance to rain induced cracking, winter frost hardening, fruit bearing and other important plant growing characteristics. Development of the new high quality sweet and sour cherry cultivars grown on adequate rootstocks with high tolerance to poor soil conditions and unsuitable climate condition helps to expand the areas of cherry production. According scientific results it is well-known that there isn't a unique cherry cultivar and rootstock for usage in every soil and climate conditions so every cherry production region must be find the suitable one. Good plant health in commercial orchards also plays the important role in successful production of high quality fruits. Virus diseases negatively effect the plant vitality and productivity. Infections survive in latent stage for years. In view of the fact that the virus diseases are not possible o regulate only preventive arrangements remain to be effective. This project is focused to final selection of hybrid offspring and introduction of new high market value cherry cultivars resistant to main diseases, with tolerance to rain induced cracking, with winter hardiness, with and their application in commercial growing. Researchers of this project proposal are the best specialist in given topic and give guarantee of the successful solving. 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Viticulture and Fruit Tree Cultivation

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