European 450mm lithography and metrology development for advanced patterning

To develop 450mm lithography critical modules and tools and advanced optical system as well to take care for sub-system development and qualification, and system qualification of the new 450mm platform

It is essential for the European lithography industry to prepare actively for the next wafer size of 450 mm in order to remain competitive in the global market in which the majority of its business is conducted. One of the basic reasons for the transition to 450 mm wafers is to decrease energy and resources and increase productivity needed to manufacture integrated circuits. The envisaged activities as described in this Eureka application of ASML, VDL and Zeiss SMT which relate to the development of 450 mm lithography critical modules and tools and advanced optical systems as well as preliminary system qualification of the new platform and early 450 mm wafer 1x node advanced patterning, are part of and fit into the ENIAC E450LMDAP KET pilot line project. This E450LMDAP project comprises 44 members from 7 different European countries with SMEs and research institutes and also IDM as end users. The overall goal of the E450LMDAP project is to develop 450 mm lithography and metrology modules and tools and to initiate distributed pilot line activities over the 450 mm lithography and metrology tool platform eco system. These pilot line activities will complement the activities from the already initiated ENIAC JU E450EDL project. In addition, demonstration of selected N10 patterning modules at the IMEC’s pilot line will be part of the project. Lithography, metrology and deposition equipment performance suited for 450 mm will be demonstrated too, interconnected with holistic methodologies to the 450 mm pilot line at IMEC which is equipped with European systems. The project will complement the engagement of the European semiconductor equipment industry in the 450mm wafer size transition that started with the ENIAC JU EEMI450 initiative and proceeded with subsequent projects funded with public money, amongst others NGC450, SOI450, EEM450PR and E450EDL which will result into first critical process module availability in the IMEC pilot line. The E450LMDAP project is organized in three technical work packages and a work package on management and coordination. The main objective in the work package on lithography is to develop and to have prototyping activities for critical tool items, advanced optics and electronics as well as preliminary tool system qualification. In the dedicated metrology work package 450mm metrology tool types will be developed for wafer and mask platforms as well as a holistic metrology data hub for advance lithography data management and fab. Finally, in the work package on advanced patterning a selection of critical N10 layers, which are currently under development at 300mm wafer sizes, will be transferred to an early 450mm lithography platform.
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8 814
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317 000 000.00€
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Printed circuits and integrated circuits
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