Multispectral high-speed (m-hs) recorder and scanner systems for long term archiving on multi datalayer storage medium

Design and prototyping of multispectral recorder system (4k resolution) and scanner system (12-16k resolution), optimized for long term archiving of digital and digitized content on optimized multi datalayer storage medium. Special focus on enhanced recording/scanning speeds and higher data density.

The project’s objective is the development and demonstration of superior high-speed multispectral recording and ultra-high resolution multispectral scanning systems for newly developed photosensitive multilayer storage medium, - specifically developed to store digital data and content for long term storage (> 500 years). Long-term preservation of digital data onto photosensitive storage media has become widely acknowledged as an extremely reliable technology, leading to extremely long storage times without any demand for migration or any need to cope with obsolescence aspects of hardware, software or operating systems. Due to the enormous market opportunity for long term preservation of digital data, the proposed and demonstrated technology from the "Archivator" project (E!4863) shall be driven forward in the “ArchOptix project” into a future roadmap. It targets for higher recording/scanning speed, and increased data density on the storage medium to cope with expected data growth scenarios. Higher speed requires faster processing algorithms and electronics as well as a different approach of transporting the storage medium faster and at the same time more precisely. Increased data density on the storage medium can be achieved both with higher resolution as well as by multiple spectrally separated datalayers on the storage medium. Such multilayer storage medium is currently under development in the Eurostars project "MiLoS" (E!7360). Higher resolution and multiple storage layers need ultra-high performance multispectral optical systems both for the recording and the scanning system. But existing multispectral/colour recorder and scanner systems are hopelessly insufficient (speed, resolution, multispectral capabilities) for recording digital data onto the medium or scanning and reconstructing the digital content stored on the medium. THE ARCHOPTIX PROJECT - ADVANCED GOALS Enormous amounts of digital data exist in the world and exhibit steep growth rates every year. Typically 5-10% of all data will require a secure long-term storage of 100 year or longer. It becomes apparent that data capacity and density on the storage medium and recording and scanning speeds will be the driving forces for the continued success of the photosensitive optical storage technology. The ArchOptix project will take the data recorder (i.e. the process of writing data onto film) and data scanner (i.e. the process of reading data off film) systems and optics to the next level: The new multilayer storage medium from the "MiLoS" project demands for recording and scanning devices that can cope with the high resolution and dynamics of the medium (pixel pitch and number of bits per pixel in each data layer) and its specific characteristics for digital contents (in opposition to optimization for analog image representations on film in today's media). No such devices are available today and the ArchOptix project intends to fill this gap by demonstrating high-speed scrolling multispectral systems and optics (illumination and imaging lens) for both recording and scanning, including most powerful control and data processing software to accelerate and optimize data reconstruction speed. By this, the ArchOptix project will drive forward the boundaries for data recording and data scanning systems in all aspects, i.e. multispectral capabilities, increased resolution as well as improved speed. By so complying with the properties of the multilayer storage medium and replacing the single-layer Archivator system, the estimated gross revenue from 100 such systems at 500 million Euros could at least be triplicated to 1.5 billion Euros.
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8 822
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2 130 000.00€
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Data Protection, Storage Technology, Cryptography, Data Security
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Other services (not elsewhere classified)

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