Business intelligence for the green factory

Bigfact will develop an innovative bi based system to support smes improve sustainability. Capitalizing on structured expert experience and explicit environmental knowledge. Lc and supply chain decisions will be enhanced to improve energy expenditure, waste reduction whilst considering profitability

BIGFACT aims to develop an innovative solution that supports manufacturing SMEs face the modern challenge of systematically applying the sustainable development approach to the entire Product Life Cycle (PLC) from cradle to grave. Throughout the PLC decisions, having an immense impact on business, manufacturing and product sustainability, are taken by multiple decision makers. These decision makers have varying fields of expertise and personal experience – therefore the decisions are based largely on local, individual knowledge and expertise. Some examples of this are the selection of material type, maintenance decisions and end of life reuse/refurbish/resell decisions and Sustainable Supply Chain planning. The BIGFACT platform will facilitate SMEs in improving product and industry sustainability, by supporting and improving decisions with high impact on the desired green industry in a structured manner. BIGFACT will support strategic management, product planning, conception and design, as well as quality control and Sustainable Supply Chain planning by providing the structured inclusion of complete LC knowledge, environmental requirements and eco aspects in the decisions as well as company past experience. The BIGFACT innovative solution will provide an easier and comprehensive way of “understanding decisional aspects from the perspective of the green factory” aimed at reducing efforts, time and cost, to support the SMEs in advancing green solutions and improving the Sustainable Supply Chain management challenge. Indeed the proposed system considers all the three aspects of the innovation process: -Analysis of the environmental characteristics of the product/processes together with its costs, functions, performances, qualities, etc. -Interventions at level of product/process to introduce the needed “green” innovative solutions. -Communication/certification of the environmental quality of the product, to take advantage in the market of the eco-innovation results. BIGFACT will be built as a new tier over Business Intelligence (BI) systems which will be extended and supported by experience capture and reuse, green-tech rule explication, best practice management and learning facilities. The BIGFACT project output will be: (1) the BIGFACT platform - an ICT system composed of a toolbox and supporting modules (SOEKS, DFP and Eco learning); (2) a complementary business approach and methodology enabling “green” innovations in “market driven” and “technology push” environments. The BIGFACT platform will include a methodological semantically driven tool box to guide SMEs managers and designers in strategic and operational decision making as well as in the conceptualization and design of the products and/or processes, taking into account the specific environmentally driven market requirements and opportunities (e.g. eco-communication/certification procedures for the marketing of the product; EU Directives for environmental performance indicators). In order to achieve the BIGFACT goal, a dedicated forecasting and planning solutions, dedicated SOEKS solutions for the selected decisions, BI interfacing capabilities, a learning facility for collecting and updating the relevant knowledge will be developed. The accumulated Knowledge Base built from external sources (web, patent and best available techniques databases, etc.) and internal experts will be integrated with data deriving from innovation methodologies such as TRIZ (theory of Inventive Problem Solving), and customized and tailored according to environmental needs and the set of experience knowledge structure (SOEKS) to model, reason and re-use decisions made in the PLC and support the sustainable vision of reducing energy expenditure, virgin resource use and waste creation. The learning facilities will support knowledge extraction and explication by analyzing digital information within the enterprise, in local databases and on the Web, to locate relevant knowledge (e.g. environmental legislation, product regulations, and best-practice) and extract valuable knowledge from the retrieved resources. The learning facility will also support a dynamic experience management capability and an organizational learning environment The BIGFACT ICT platform will be tested in real case studies provided by SMEs and it will be run in a Web Based model. BIGFACT system will be hosted by SMEs as a tailored, customized and reliable tool, supporting them in identifying “green” technological solutions steered by experience of experimented decision makers able to address market opportunities and environmental demands. During the overall green innovation process human interactions among stakeholders, engineers and business managers will be necessary, as the ICT system is meant to support human decisions and actions, and it is not intended to replace them with an automatic execution. 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8 847
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1 250 000.00€
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Process Plant Engineering
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Industrial Equipment and Machinery

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