Orchestrate,monitor,manage&control building processes in modern world-using novel technology&mobile application

A system to orchestrate building processes (bp). A collaborative platform enables multiple parties’ information exchange, a groundbreaking exceptions’ manager, co-storage, a built-in analytical module to make sense of the big data, and an innovative engine for dynamic and proactive design of bp

Motivation: Construction projects inevitably generate enormous and complex sets of information. Effectively managing this bulk of information to ensure its availability and accuracy is an important managerial task. Poor or missing information can readily lead to project delays, uneconomical decisions, or even the complete failure of the desired facility. Pity the owner and project manager who suddenly discover on the expected delivery date that important facility components have not yet been fabricated and cannot be delivered for six months! With better information, the problem could have been identified earlier, so that alternative suppliers might have been located or schedules arranged. Both project design and control are crucially dependent upon accurate and timely information, as well as the ability to use this information effectively. At the same time, too much unorganized information presented to managers can result in confusion and paralysis of decision-making. Each day and even hour where work is interrupted is extremely expensive due to high contractual penalties and the high costs for personnel and equipment. Therefore, people in charge of one-of-a-kind projects need to have up-to-date access to all relevant information and communication means so that they can diligently consider the situation at hand and take responsible, informed decisions. They also need to have their decisions implemented without delays. Although several solutions have been launched in the market, almost none of them had succeed since they continue being too static and don’t adapt to the complexity of the construction context as stakeholders expect and need. In this project, as it is explained in the next sections, we propose a solution with a completely new approach, where ICT support highly dynamic business process environment would be a radical and efficient improvement of current production processes, taking into account the requirements and needs from the construction sector. 1. Evolution of a Project: As a project proceeds, the types and extent of the information used by the various organizations involved will change. A listing of the most important information sets would include: (i) Intermediate analysis results during planning and design; (ii) Design documents, including drawings, specifications and BIMs (Building information modeling is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of a facility); (iii) Ongoing inspection documents, results and exceptions; (iv) Construction schedules and cost estimates; (v) Quality control and assurance records; (vi) Chronological files of project correspondence and memorandum; (vii) Construction field activity and inspection logs; (viii) Legal contracts and regulatory documents; and (ix) Cash flow and procurement accounts for each organization. We propose to develop a system (accessed by web and mobile) to orchestrate the building process. At the heart of the new product a collaborative technology platform that enables: (i) multiple parties’ information exchange. The most important communication layer for the project as its stores knowledge, plans, drawings, practices, procedures, standards, guidelines, and methodologies to make them readily available prior to making a decision or taking action – and updating them post decision making and while managing the exceptions and rejects; (ii) a groundbreaking exceptions’ engine that manages the inspection in the construction process, and manages rejects and exceptions in a collaborative way (iii) co-storage (iv) since the system will not develop a display mode for plans or any other document – we will prepare and customize all the connectors that integrate the existing with the proposed systems together (like Word, Excel, AutoCAD, BIM creator, etc.); (v) a built-in analytical module to make sense of the big data, and (vi) an innovative engine for dynamic and proactive design of building processes; this is a solution for one of the most important secrets behind a good construction manager and inspector: to master a process; Moreover, it is for the “master” to be able to share this knowledge with the relevant employees on the project – and be able to extend it to other projects This solution, will offer a cloud-based Building Process as a Service (BPaaS) – automated, remote services accessed via the mobile or Internet that are designed to meet specifically the needs of the building industry. The BPaaS add-ons called PETS (Process Enhancement Technologies and Services) will: (i) get supplier, customer or employee data into the project’s core applications; (ii) enhance the functionality of project applications, and (iii) provide analytics capabilities for data gathered throughout a project life or across different projects, and augment existing analytics tools based on SAS and IBM SPSS. 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