Armourgel for head injury mitigation from impact in hockey

The intended development strategy is to prove the principle that armourgel can provide improved protection over existing commercially available materials.

Helios Global Technologies is a Kelowna-based manufacturer and a distributor of technologies relating to: hazardous worker safety; secure communications; surveillance; and advanced materials for ballistic and impact protection. Through a collaborative partnership, Helios has access to such technologies as Armourgel, which is an energy absorbing material based around synergy between a shear thickening fluid (STF) and a re-entrant or auxetic geometry. Due to the unique qualities of Armourgel an application for liners in hockey helmets this technology is now being proposed. Armourgel offers a quantum step forward in protection against concussions and other impact injuries. The material will be cost competitive, lightweight, thin, comfortable, breathable and with a level of protection which vastly exceeds any other material in use for the same space/weight. We will produce a range of prototype components for ice hockey using Armourgel. The first project phases will involve helmet liners. Subsequent phases will involve body padding. Sample parts will be made by Armourgel and fully tested by the University of British Columbia against known impacts in ice hockey (both impact and rotational forces). The degree of force mitigation will be related to physiological savings by the Sports Concussion Research Centre at UBC (Okanagan). Controlled human testing will also be conducted for fit, form, function and physiological savings.
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9 179
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670 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Composite materials
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Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

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