Quality assurance in assembling processes for products with high safety requirements

The participating companies aim to research and develop new
quality assurance methods and devices to increase the life
expectation, safety, availability and reliability of
products which have high safety requirements.

The objective of the FAMOS project QUACAR is the quality assurance of the assembling process of products, which are used overall in the steam and pressure technology, or cold and chemical industry. These are principally sealings or gaskets, valves or pumps, devices and components for example of tube systems in power plants and chemical factories. Producers of these components, who are going to take part in this EUREKA project, are small and medium sized companies. Here the quality assurance systems must be applied to single, small and medium series, where there is an important variability in the product. Aims of the project are: - the development of flexible stations to determine impermeability, strength and function, - the development of flexible screwing stations with integrated devices to measure torques/angles of rotation as well as a system inherent control loop. Furthermore, other aims of the project are the development of solutions for: - the coupling of tests with an information system for statistic quality control and product inherent attestations, - quality assurance in the assembling process in the framework of working plants, building and dismounting as well as the re-use of cost-intensive parts and material. The results to be obtained in the framework of these objectives are parts of the whole solution of this EUREKA project, but they can also be applied as elementary solutions in small and medium sized companies. A. Analysis of assembling systems B. Simulation of assembling and controlling technologies C. Testing techniques: Development of flexible testing stations D. Leakage control with machine vision E. Product Certification: Coupling of tests with an information system to draw up product inherent quality attestations F. Feedback of the testing techniques on the assembling process influence of the screwing systems on the components' quality G. Quality Assurance in the field of Industrial Plants Construction: FMEA of the plant setting-up process H. Renovation: Dismounting of plant components, renovation and re-use of cost-intensive parts.
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2 470 000.00€
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