The research and development of technologies and tools for the application of medicaments to the patient's eye

Realization of eye applicator for injection application of medicine into the cornea of the eye. The creation of design solution that will meet the requirements for application of medicine into the cornea.

The goal of the project is to implement a technical solution for injection equipment for drug administration to the cornea of the human eye. Currently there is no other alternative that would address the problem of medicine and drug administration into the cornea in a similar way. This represents a unique method for which it becomes necessary to create appropriate technical and technological solutions. The project should help us to find the appropriate technologies and materials that would be suitable for this kind of application. R&D employees as well as the medical specialists and physicians will participate in and contribute to the development. PRECISION TUBES EUROPE, s.r.o. is the participating company which has already been experienced with manufacturing and edging ultrathin needles which will be necessary for the development. It is the only company that is able and willing to manufacture these needles for us and participate in the development together with us. Both companies, GEMINI Eye Clini (Gemini oční centrum, a.s.) as well as PRECISION TUBES EUROPE, s.r.o., share a strategic interest in the achievement of the stated goal as they both intend to remain their top positions in fields they are active in. GEMINI Eye Clinic (Gemini oční centrum, a.s.) is currently an eye care facility with state-of-the-art equipment with the owner being Dr. Pavel Stodůlka, Ph.D., head surgeon. Dr. Stodulka has years of experience in an unusually wide range of eye surgeries - from laser corrections of eye defects to corneal transplant and retina surgery. He is an internationally well-known innovator in the field of eye surgery. GEMINI as the first eye care facility introduced a femtosecond laser for eye surgeries. The state-of-the-art technical equipment, well-educated and experienced physicians and medical staff are the guarantee of the maximum safety. For instance, the 6D Amaris 750s laser as the only laser in the Czech Republic continually measures non-contactly the corneal thickness during the laser procedure; it thus monitors the course of the surgery and contributes to high level of its safety. In regards to the equipment and experience of the physicians and surgeons, GEMINI Eye Clinic (Gemini oční centrum, a.s.) is able to provide the widest possible range of surgeries and suggest the patient with the most suitable solution for their individual eye problems and disorders. Besides laser eye surgeries (including presbyopia – the need of reading glasses) and laser cataract surgeries, the company also offers retinal treatment, treatment of keratoconus, glaucoma. Dr. Stodůlka also performs corneal transplantations as well as Boston type keratoprosthesis. The Gemini clinics are located within the Czech Republic and in Vienna, Austria. All the clinics provide their care (examinations, surgeries, checkups) at weekends as well as in the late afternoons. Thanks to the top diagnostic equipment and the team of specialists it is possible to undergo the pre-op examination as well as the surgery within one single day. GEMINI Eye Clinic (Gemini oční centrum, a.s.) also has their own Research and Development (R&D) team. We cooperate with the ophthalmological solutions and technology developers. The result of our own development is eg. the world's thinnest needle for intraocular injections designed and manufactured together with PRECISION TUBES EUROPE s.r.o. – a sc. Thin Smart Needle with the outside diameter of 0,15mm. Gemini with its own activity thus contributes to the development of not only the Czech but also ophthalomology in the world. Physicians and surgeons of GEMINI participated also in the development of vitamin supplement in the form of tablets – GemiOptal Forte – which support and nourish the retina. Both companies share the eminent interest in their cooperation even taken from the perspective of business. It is a product that both companies will benefit from marketing and thus will both become the leaders in their sphere of activity. Both participants clearly set up and defined the non-overlapping character of their tasks and relations between one another shall have the form of an agreement of cooperation. The agreement will also deal with the business matter of the whole project. For successful completion of the project, synergetic contribution of all parties is conditional. With its technical opportunities and the human potential, the project creates new possibilities for the two companies of at the international level and also the possibility to enhance their image in the eyes of both the professional as well as general public. The cooperating companies can create a significant position in the global market by participating in the executed project, and they thus enhance their competitivness significantly.
Project ID: 
9 181
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
680 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Medical technology
Market Area: 
Drug delivery and other equipment (including kidney dialysis machines)

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