Assembly problem-oriented quality assurance

Lean assembly-oriented information systems will be developed
for smes, especially hybrid assembly systems (production of
series)/manual machine assembly at one location. System will
provide low cost and enhanced quality of assembled products

The objective of the MONQUIS-Project is to develop a lean information system, providing the staff with all relevant assembly-orientated information concerning quality. The assembly dependent quality is mainly influenced by the structure of work sequences, quality planning, quality handbooks, work system design, failure prevention during the planning period, employee training as well as information exchange with other company departments. The MONQUIS-Project's objective is to develop an entirely new, assembly-orientated quality systems. Results taken from the feasibility study (SIQAA) demonstrate that presently no system exists which would cover the MONQUIS-development. The envisaged development risk can be mastered. The research range for the MONQUIS-Project is restricted by the application fields "hybrid assembly systems" (production of series) and "manual machine assembly at one location" (assembling in single units, e.g. mechanical engineering). The following development stages are prospected for the MONQUIS-System: Step 1: Assembly and production (level of workshop planning); Step 2: Development and work preparation (level of product planning); Step 3: Production line and assembly planning (level of work system planning). Interfaces to further quality processes within the company (e.g. purchase, order release, client complaints, maintenance and calibration of production means and test control units as well as project-referring European security standards) are analysed in the MONQUIS-Project and if necessary integrated. Acquisition and integration of rules for the purpose of allowing early identification and minimisation of errors as well as consequence estimation of quality problems due to the assembly, will add to the increase in quality within the range of design for assembly.
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6 790 000.00€
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