Development of integrated environment and technology for the production of advanced multi-component poly socket product

Polysocket project will focus on the development of the technology for the production of the technologically advanced multi component product used in automotive industry and on the development of energy and cost efficient production process with integrated environment.

The final goal of the PolySocket project is to reduce the costs of the Poly Socket product, shorten its design/construction time and to increase the reliability of the final product Poly Socket, which is currently assembled of different parts by manual screwing. The main objective of the proposed PolySocket project is therefor the development of integrated environment and technology for the production of advanced multi-component product (Poly Socket) for gas springs in the automotive industry. With integrated environment of distributed systems for gas springs we want to create an integrated automated modular work center for the production and assembly of the Poly Socket product into a complete unit. For this reason we will first develop a new design of the product, which will consist of reduced number of components in comparison to the present one. If we want to achieve the reduction of the number of product parts and keep the product's function, we will have to develop a new technology for the product production, which will enable the production of the whole product in one working cell even if the new product will be still made of three different components. The aim to solve this challenge is to apply a multi-component moulding technology including the development of a suitable moulding tool. One of the main objective is herewith to shorten the manufacturing time of the injection molding process, to reduce the assembly time through integration of parts and process automation in order to reduce the costs and delivery time of the finished product as well as to raise the capacity of the production system. Through the project we will follow the aim to create the environment, which will enable the joining of greater number of working operations in one place. A precondition to achieve this goal is that a new product must be designed in a way, which will allow the multiple joining of its parts to each other. Herewith both partners of the project will achieve a high-tech progress and economic development in the area of moulding/assembly production center. This is very important for the future global competitiveness of the product, because in the current volatile and competitive conditions, the separate stations of conventional manufacturing/assembly processes become less useful. The current problem which arises is that the necessary time to manufacture the Poly Socket product is too long. Distributed working operations like injection molding, assembly and quality control are carried out on different production machines, which are location-separated. For this reason also the costs of manufacturing, logistics, transportation and storage of parts are too high. It will be necessary first to do the detailed research on relevant materials, which are suitable for multi-component injection molding, and to analyze their physical and mechanical properties, and also degradation on recycling. Applying the knowledge about the automation and the process design and optimization using suitable tools as well as our experiences from the existing processes will enable us to design the automated guided production and assembly process for the Poly Socket product. With computer aided support we already plan various types of production technologies, which we integrate with each other. In the production process we can find very often the requirement of very rapid responses in real-time, high reliability and modularity of the system etc. To satisfy these requirements, we are going to develop integrated processes inclusive the information technology, which merge together hardware and software, machine tools, robotics, testing, monitoring and quality control, which will result in the integration of computer-automated units. The computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) will help us to achieve the coordinationof the wide scope of production. By means of granted funds we wish to influence on the change in users’ needs which cause shortening of product life cycle and forces us to produce new or more advanced products more frequently. In doing so the ecological awareness is our main motivation since we are aware of the fact that energy efficient products substantially reduce the consumption of energy-generating products necessary for their operation and we thus contribute substantially to preserving the environment.
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9 568
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860 000.00€
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Industrial Equipment and Machinery

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