Easycharge: comprehensive connectivity solution for electric mobility: common marketplace for ev charging

The key objective of proposed project is to develop a comprehensive connectivity solution easycharge, which will represent the first marketplace for charging electrical vehicles. Easycharge solution will connect the supply and demand for charging evs into one common system.

Project partner company Avant Car d.o.o. and Enio Gmbh will develop an innovative solution EasyCharge to a system of "plug and play" integration of different, incompatible charging stations for electric vehicles in the first system, which will enable individual owners of electric vehicles to charge anywhere in the system, but also offer them some additional services. Due to the fact, that until now the charging systems were quite different between each other, it was almost imposible to build a system that will allow charging of different electric vehicles in one common charging system. A key part of the application that will be developed by Avant Car and will enable the owner of charging station (physical or legal person), who will be entering the system, to charge for integration and application usage, and on the other hand, the application will enable the user to check the occupancy of the station, status of consumed energy monitored with smart metering, checking for the nearest charging station, prices and also allows him to book the station. Another key part of the system, which will be developed by the Austrian partner Enio Gmbh, is the smart multifunctional controller for charging station, which will allow the aforementioned application to communicate with all types of charging devices, that are using different communication protocols and will have the possibility of integration into a system or network formed by all charging devices. Avant Car and Enio will develop an application and the controller, which is a precondition for inclusion into the scheme. Owner of charging station will charge a fee for each charge. The basic idea is that the owner of charging device can become anyone. Station is inexpensive and therefore accesible to a larger group of people. A large number of charging stations and users bring the two companies Avant Car and Enio larger incomes, therefore the latter will try to obtain in the system maximum number of charging stations and also users. This will be done with advertising, user-friendly applications etc. The entire system will consist of control module, and that will consist of two parts - the communication module to support the controller and the on / off power and metering. Communication module will allow two-way communication with management center via GSM / EDGE / 3G or Wi-Fi technology. The control module will be installed between the filler and electrical connections, which will bring an additional benefit, and as a result, the intervention in charging plant will not be needed. Connection with the charging will be time and cost friendly, which will be even more useful. The primary purpose of the project is • to provide long-term leadership to partners in the market of electric vehicles and support their power and charging; • create long-term revenue and maximize profits; • Establish a global market for charging electric cars; • Development of innovative marketing services for easy charging stations and at the same time to provide users a system for easy charging of electric vehicles and make payments out of it; • using special multifunction controller to facilitate integration into the system with different types of chargers; • increase social awareness about the use of electric vehicles, thereby enabling mobility has no negative impact on the environment. The end result of the project will be visible, recognized and developed Web site service Charge my eCar charging of electric vehicles, modeled after project that will connect users with providers of electric charging stations and at the same time enable the commercialization of charging stations. This will be the medium and the long run earn revenue and profit for the shareholders filling stations and the companies Avant Car and Enio, which will at each filling on each filling station be entitled to commissions. In this way, the sector of electric vehicles and devices will be radically altered and thus also the automotive market will be fundamentally changed.
Project ID: 
9 573
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
810 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Generators, electric engines and power converters
Market Area: 
Power Supplies

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