New integrated system for monitoring the injection moulding process

Developed breakthrough technology will allow cost-effective monitoring of injection moulding process with acoustic emission (ae) signals and enable significant time, energy and material usage optimization comparing to the existing state-of-the-art technologies.

In spite of the global crisis the plastics sector continues being a cornerstone in the European industrial scene, so that any contribution to improve its competitiveness has a huge potential for Europe. With growth of plastic sector also injection moulding technology is continually developing from the starting introduction of the first thermoplastic materials, reciprocating screw design, first hot runner systems, engineering materials, later introduction of microprocessors for machine control, CAE flow simulation software, and most recently the application of different support systems for optimized machine setup. The main development challenges are heavily oriented towards ensuring proper monitoring, optimization and control of injection moulding process in order to raise the productivity and decrease the costs. General idea behind IMPROMON is to introduce latest breakthrough technology achievements in injection moulding technologies driven by increased demand for an innovative integrated system that can provide real time simultaneous surveillance of both mould and the state of thermoplastic material during the processing stage. With the use of proposed integrated system different small-scale damages can be detected in time i.e. long before serious failure happens that can lead to a significant economical loss for a typical production company. Project objectives will be focused at development of integrated surveillance system that will allow capturing, processing and evaluation of acquired acoustic emission (AE) signals along with the standard analogue/digital signals, for ensuring proper monitoring, optimization and control of injection moulding process in order to raise the productivity and decrease the costs of production of most complex injection moulding products. This project is highly important for injection moulding industry and with successful completion of all project objectives, the IMPROMON project foresees significant results in reduction in final costs of plastic, timer savings in setup phase and quality assurance due to usage of acoustic emission sensors and sensor holders that are installed on the mould, efficiency and productivity of moulding process, shorten production cycle, reduction of material usage, energy savings and carbon footprint . Introducing developed injection moulding monitoring solution, which does not exist on a market yet, in fast growing injection moulding industry sector will result in competitive advantage over existing, state-of-the-art processes. Project partners will meet each other within the framework of the IMPROMON project sharing their own knowledge, competencies, history and practical expertise with a common focus: capitalize technology advantages by using the new gained Know-How for other projects, i.e. they can disseminate their Know How to strengthen their individual market position.
Project ID: 
9 574
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
760 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Moulding, injection moulding, extrusion, sintering
Market Area: 
Process control equipment and systems

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