Energy-saving suspended and ceiling led lighting with special optics for different purposes

To produce energy-saving suspended and ceiling led lighting with accurately designed optics for supermarkets, stores industry, garage and emergency lighting.

The main purpose of the project is to produce energy-saving suspended and ceiling LED lighting with accurately designed optics based on LED technology for supermarkets, stores industry, garage and emergency lighting. This Led products will be 50% more energy-efficient in comparison with the light sources used till now for the same purpose (fluorescent lamps, halogen and metal-halide lamps). LED products with special optics will be especially important in retail stores, supermarkets and warehouses for shelves illumination, parking garages and industry, where lighting comfort and savings will be achieved with correct lighting and illumination. The latter have to be in conformity with the latest standards of the European institutions in the field of energy-efficient management. Intra lighting d.o.o., as the applicant of the project, and DM lighting d.o.o., as its partner, are entering in the project with the purpose to combine potentials in the field of modern technique, especially interior lighting, which represents a big market potential for both partners. The OPTI-LED project means development of suspended and ceiling mounted families of energy efficient lighting luminaires based on LED technology with special designed optics for shops, stores, warehouses, industry, garages and for emergency lighting. Products will be designed as single luminaire or long linear products, using same elements assembled together in lines. Technological achievements will be shown mainly in accurately designed optics and modular luminaires structure (in one housing can be used different optics for different purposes). The luminaries (fittings) will be developed by using the state-of-the-art technologies and materials and by taking in consideration the modern lighting guidelines. The development guidelines are the production of technically-complete, market-successful and well-designed luminaries, representing an energy-safe product. The project is based on the assumption of more efficient use of energy, which will be reached with the development and launch of new lighting technologies and new light sources providing for the lower consumption of energy in comparison with traditional light sources also because of the specially designed optics. Modern trends and technological solutions are inclined towards the energy-efficient lighting. For this purpose the company uses LED technology, a new light source, energy-efficient and thus, environment-friendly light emitting diodes (LED). Their key advantages are as follows: • directional radiation (classical lamps and fluorescent lamps shine light in the space at 360° beam angle, while LED diodes at approx. 120° to 150°), which means that we need to redirect only half of beams, not 4/5 of beams as with classical or fluorescent lamps. Each redirection of beam means 2-15% losses. • stable operation with a long lifecycle (over 50,000 hours), • stable colour characteristics of light, • possibilities to change the color of light, • large output range, • easy control of the luminous flux, • LED diodes are resistant to vibrations, • they operate excellently at very low temperatures under freezing point. The project is oriented towards the development of innovative and sustainable luminaries in the field of interior lighting. The product itself will provide for the decrease of electrical energy consumption. One of the most important goals of the project is the use of non-hazardous substances for the environment. The result will be the use of new light sources in production of lighting technology products which will directly substitute the traditional light sources, especially the fluorescent lamps that contain mercury. In LED chips phosphorus is used, which is also degradable. The quantity of phosphorus is considerably lower than in classical lighting fittings.
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9 577
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650 000.00€
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