Energy multilingual platform. Trade and distribution model.

Study and investigation of the current systems, national and international regulations, as well as the development of a new multilingual model of it management for the commercialization and distribution of energy. Based in cloud computing protocol.

The main objective of the project is the study and research of current systems, national and international laws, as well as the development of a new model of computing and culturally plural management for marketing and distribution of energy, with that from a source of information, to make improvements and access developments need. To facilitate the platform, will be based on the model of cloud computing for all the advantages this environment in flexibility, availability, lower costs of ownership and application and immediate scope of modifications and improvements. All this platform will be developed with a multilingual and management system of regulations and regulations of the different public administrations, which will be used at any geographical point, regardless of the regulatory legislation or use language. This platform is intended to not only have a traditional tool of management, but of a tool based on a new model of technology as a differentiator, reducing the additional costs I duplicates for the same purpose. Ensuring this tool: - The continuous incorporation and modification of functional modules with a low cost of implementation. - Low cost in maintenance of the different modules. - Traceability processes, and can statically and dynamically monitor the execution of processes. - A tight security in access applications system. - Universalization of data in real time within the enterprise environment, regardless of the geographical location of the workplace. - Optimize the working environment, using interfaces more familiar to users, reducing the complexity of choices, and distributing them in different functional modules. - A better and more efficient management of the street to run a better operational maintenance customers, both in distribution networks. - A better document management centralized, comprehensive and integrated, all the documentation. Through this solution, it will comply with the decrease in paper consumption environmental rules, as well as the work of its users, will streamline not having to spend unnecessary time in the search for documents. Document management, help itself to comply with quality standards. - Much more efficient integration with different applications inherent to any business management and especially to the Casuistry of an energy company, such as: - Integration with SAP, Navision or any other ERP. - Integration with accounting systems standars. - Integration with storage systems. - Treasury environment. - Integration with SCADAS of electrical distributors. - Integration with GIS of electrical distributors. - Agility to adapt to technological changes I legislation allowing in the shortest time tool generate the required modifications, and make them available to all users in real time and reduced. - New channels of interaction with customers over the Internet, given the availability of immediate and real-time data management in the network, which is expected to achieve a better interaction with customers, achieving a greater loyalty and obtaining a higher degree of satisfaction, as well as cost savings due to automation of procurement processes, incidents, etc. - Multilingual. The entire platform will be ready to offer its content in more than one language. Since the project will be developed in collaboration with other entities in different countries, this will be developed in different languages, thus reaching a high share of users. It is clear therefore, that given the market objective to which it can be, it makes sense to create a multilingual platform. - Telemanagement, adjustable to protocols and standards according to the geographical location where the platform is running. The platform will be developed in different languages, standards in the world; and, like the language, the same system will be developed with configurable tables and adjustable with the regulations of each of the countries where it is used the same, allowing you to adapt the entire platform to regulations I regulations of each country. - Portal of work - future web platform TAS. As it is indicated throughout the project will be developed at its core by the leader of the project, and in collaboration with public and private in various countries. Therefore, considers development as a tool for communication and work, of an internet portal, enabling the exchange of information, content, views, virtual meetings,... for the benefit of the development of this system. Once completed the project, this same portal will be re-edited and become multilingual technical support web site. - Mobility in the field. It will allow to access the system from anywhere in real time, quickly and safely, and can obtain maximum productivity to the time spent by the relevant human resources. THERE AREA A COMPLETE MEMORY AT YOUR DISPOSITION. 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Project ID: 
9 591
Start date: 
Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
3 170 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
Market Area: 
Electric companies

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