Integrated solution for operation, monitoring and anti-theft of irrigation systems

Iosmatis is a hardware and software solution providing simultaneous operating, monitoring and anti-theft features to up to 5 irrigation equipments with constant on line and real time monitoring as well as multiple warning channels.

The agricultural market is as dynamic as never before, and in Portugal where 6.000 M€ have been invested in the last five years, that is a fact. Irrigation is one of the factors contributing for that dynamic state. According to Eurostat (2003), 16% of all EU 15 M holdings used at least one irrigation method, but in some countries this percentage is as high as 56% (Spain), 60% (Greece) and up to 72% (Cyprus). Farmers in irrigated areas make use of 3 irrigation techniques and, consequently, 3 types of equipment: surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and drop irrigation. Some high value crops - intensive crops - such as maize are only economically feasible using sprinkler irrigation, where pivots are included, which is dominant among farms in Belgium (81%), the Czech Republic (87%), France (80%) and the Netherlands (97%). The principal irrigation method in maize production is sprinkler irrigation (almost 100%) and use of pivots reaches 55%. In Europe there are at least 75.000 pivots for maize, 7.000 of which exist in Portugal. So the market is huge and also ready for innovation. The copper theft is a phenomenon that transcends agriculture, also affecting other sectors (e.g., transport and distribution of electric energy, telecommunications and railways). In irrigation, the theft of transformer stations and cable pivots already generates severe losses and this fact is currently considered a major risk for farm holders. Existing solutions in the market seem not to be satisfactory and therefore lowly adopted. During market research several early adopters who have anti-theft solutions reported failures like false alarms and ineffective warning features. On the other hand the need to implement remote monitoring and operation for irrigation equipment arises with growing pressure from the markets and the consequent need for increased profitability and cost reduction. In fact, these systems allow optimal use of water usage resources and help to identify inefficiency issues of the irrigation system. However, high cost and complex operation leads to poor adherence to this kind of systems. This is widely stated in maize under pivots, which are expensive and so their use must be efficient regarding water and electricity. ISOMATIS generally targets the market irrigation systems and particularly the ones involving pivot irrigation. The solution has been designed as a result of the needs identified and unmet in the market, notably the protection of irrigation systems against theft of copper and the existence of affordable and easy to use solutions for remote monitoring and operation. ISOMATIS combines these two features, and aspects of innovation which led to the formalization of an international patent application (PCT), obtaining a favorable decision on patentability by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) in Portugal. One ISOMATIS system will provide both anti-theft and monitoring features up to 5 irrigation equipments (pivots, pumps, electricity distribution transformers and others), whilst competition has a one-to-one relation. And will provide constant on line and real time monitoring as well as multiple warning channels against theft. Since it will be brand-free, less costly and easy to use, ISOMATIS aims to fill existing needs and be open to marketing in three segments: farmers, irrigation system manufacturers and irrigation system resellers. MBO’s goals with current project are to setup a partnership for the consolidation of ISOMATIS as an innovative product, to have ISOMATIS as its first commercial product on the market within 14 to 22 months and to further develop other solutions mainly for the agriculture sector within the same partnership.
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9 618
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520 000.00€
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Agriculture Machinery / Technology
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