Home energy management and installation system

Hemis is a new technology electro-technical installation
system covering all necessary installation functions and
energy management systems for private homes.

The HEMIS is a new technology electro-technical installation system covering all necessary functions and systems for private homes. It is designed for the near future, offering maximum dynamic flexibility in electric installation techniques. The HEMIS is especially designed for optimum energy saving. This is obtained by applying new electronic control systems to all points of energy consumption and indoor climate. It also offers possibilities for remote control of all control systems via a different information network. The HEMIS has a user friendly, ergonomic user interface system, which satisfies the needs of people of all ages as well as the disabled. The HEMIS contains several independent or integrated tasks. - Electrical power distribution, - Information systems, - Security and safety systems, - Control of the use of electricity/Bus-system and remote/controls/combined control systems - Measurements and control of electrical energy and power, - Applied energy management systems, - All control systems have to be developed in order to be easily connected to the Telecom network.
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7 100 000.00€
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