Novel products and technologies for advanced am processing based on ceramic compositions.

The present project will develop new tailored products based on ceramic compositions to make them processable by means of fused deposition modelling (fdm) and selective laser sintering (sls) technologies. The project will also develop new fdm equipment adapted to the new ceramic compositions.

In the recent years Additive Manufacturing (AM) of 3D objects has received unprecedented attention. AM is capable of manufacturing 3D objects directly from digital files through an additive process, typically by depositing successive layers of polymers or metals. Unlike traditional manufacturing processes based on subtraction (cutting, polishing, etc...) and forming, AM joins materials together with building of products. The technology was conceived as a fast process to produce prototypes, although the improvements in recent years has improved it to the extent that is currently used to manufacture final products, specially customized solutions, short batches, prototypes, etc... Currently the number of applications of AM is limited due to the small number of available industrial compositions (mainly plastics and few metals) and the high cost of them. In the case of ceramic materials, although there has been some developments like decorative compositions made with small particles of stone (called full color arenisca) or glass particles both by FDM, they have been only found at laboratory scale without no extensive industrial applications. There are also some limited industrial applications with ZrO2 for dental implants. Therefore, this limit the application of AM to a small group of products mainly for aeronautics, military and medical sectors. KerAMik has identified the opportunity that current and future AM technologies offer and the need of ceramic compositions to produce novel products in serious and reliable alternative production technologies like Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). TORRECID have identified the enormous potential of these technologies and therefore the opportunity to produce new AM compositions and equipments to expand their products in the global market. KerAMik project aims to develop novel ceramic compositions for FDM and SLS processing and to extend to a wider range of applications opening new markets for ceramic materials. The project also envisages to improve the AM process to more innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly equipments and compositions. The proposed developments are completely aligned with the KET (Key Enabling Technologies) defined by the European Commission and recognised as interdisciplinary technologies. The project will generate values throughout the whole value chain, from the development of new materials up to the development of new advanced products, equipments and services. The new developments will strengthen the competitiveness of the industrial partners generating a new basis for the entirely new manufacturing strategies that will be implemented in the upcoming years. The present developments will directly and indirectly boost competitiveness and lead the creation of highly skilled jobs, since the implementation of the achieved knowledge and results will be focused in several sectors with true social and economical impact. KerAMik project will be developed between two companies, TORRECID in Spain and STI in South Korea. In this sense KerAMik will focus in the development of new tailored ceramic based compositions to make them processable by means of two AM processing technologies, FDM and SLS (Objective 1). Current FDM equipment are only available for plastic compositions. Then, the present project will develop a new FDM equipment (Objective 2) that will be used in the processing of the aforementioned ceramic compositions in order to produce novel ceramic products with higher added value and customized characteristics. Thus, it is expected to develop industrial ceramic parts as well as customized ceramic products for pottery industry. The industrial partners will collaborate with two leading research organisations (AITIIP in Spain and KICET in Korea). AITIIP has a long experience in the plastic industry and the additive manufacturing technologies adaptation of new materials. Therefore AITIIP will collaborate with TORRECID in the development and characterization of the novel ceramic compositions for FDM and SLS processing. KICET is an research institute with a high expertise in ceramic materials and processing technologies. KICET will collaborate with STI in the development of FDM equipment for ceramic compositions processing. In the case of SLS technology, the validation of the ceramic compositions will be done at a laboratory scale in AITIIP and therefore a specific development of SLS equipment will not be considered. 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