New plc technology based ami (advanced metering infrastructure) total solution

Advanced metering infrastructure (ami) are systems that measure, collect, and analyse energy usage, and communicate with metering devices such as electricity meters either on request or on a schedule. These systems include hardware, software, communications, consumer energy displays and controllers

This project is to develop the new PLC technology based AMI(Advanced Metering Infrastructure) Total Solution from Electric Meter to EMS(Energy Management System) include the user friendly smart phone application which can manage and monitor the power consumption real-time based for each customer and their each house. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is a solution that measure, collect, and analyze the energy usage through communicating with each metering device such as electricity meters on a schedule. We can suitably design our reliable AMI total platform service to customer’s product usage environment so an appropriate solution can be developed to the customer/business partner, including “time-of-use” pricing information or remote electric power on/off service etc. The strong point of suggesting AMI system is using PLC chipset of Qualcomm Inc. In comparison with the PLC chip (65dB) of others in the same environment, the degree of signal attenuation of Qualcomm's PLC chip (85dB) is better predominantly about 20dB or so. So it has excellent data transmission rate as compared with other PLC based AMI solution even in poor communication environment such as a subterranean line. This is an existing product as named as “AMIGO” solution but it needs to develop because there is no fully adopted solution in Europe environment. AMI total solution includes the following hardware and software platform. 1) Hardware Device: A. Electricity Meter B. Communication Modem(PLC Modem) C. DCU (Data Concentration Unit) 2) Software Platform A. MDMS(Meter Data Management System) B. EMS(Energy Management System) C. Smart Phone Application Hardware Device of this project adopts the strong high end PLC technology(HPGP_ Home Plug Green PHY Technology based) to communicate between Meter and DCU under the very unstable condition like “Under Ground Power Line” and “Old Power Line” and so on. This technology uses the multi-channel to prevent from the noises and it can select and adopts the best channel automatically among channels. Software Platform of this project is for both sides (Power Utility Company side, Customer side). Power Utility Company can manage and monitor the real-time based(every 15min.) power consumption data(Active and Reactive), power quality data(e.g. Frequency, Power Factor, Voltage and so on) through our proposed solution. And they can control “the power connection” and “Current Limitation” of each customer remotely on EMS system through special Electric Meter (includes Latch Relay inside). And also the abnormal condition and event from each meter can be monitored and alert on the EMS system to deliver to a person in charge of. The feature is timely notices and powerful analytics that allow utilities to improve satisfaction and lower cost to serve when customers receive a high bill. Customer can manage and monitor the real-time based power consumption of their each house through the smart phone application or PC based web access. In the side of customer, they can receive and monitoring measured electric usage data in real time. So by monitoring their electric power data, they can control and save electricity usage. 1) High Power Consumption Alerts that let customers know when they are trending towards a high power consumption (high bill) and how they can adjust their energy use before the end of the billing period. Alerts can be delivered to customers and enable utilities to proactively resolve customer questions. The alert is for the condition of “Very fast Increasing of power consumption” , “the defined power consumption” and so on. 2) Realtime power consumption Monitoring that let customers know the current power consumption caused by reasonable or unreasonable power leakage like “Standby Power”. It makes them to turn off the power of the unused devices. And customers can monitor the statistics related to power consumption After development, this AMI total solution will be fit to European Market Environment. And the solution can be optimized trough several pilot projects with power utility companies.
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9 908
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2 040 000.00€
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IT and Telematics technology
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Data Communications

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