Functional textiles for vibration protection, safety and well-being

To develop novel textile fabrics and prototypes for protection, safety and well-being. Theoretical works dealing with adoption of techniques and solutions of already existing materials and fibres are envisaged, extended by a wide-range of experimental and validation activities.

Nowadays, what matters the most when wearing apparel is its functionality, whereas any aesthetic properties fall on the second place. In wearing apparel is today particularly functionality and not aesthetics that plays a large role. Functional technical textiles are the most competitive against the dumping Asiatic goods. Especially challenging is to fulfil all requirements on the field of personal protective equipment (PPE), where special function should be combined with wearing comfort. PPE reduce employee exposure to hazards when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible or effective to reduce these risks to acceptable levels. The current size of the PPE market in the EU is estimated at 10 billion Euro, accounting for around 200 000 jobs, directly or indirectly. The forecasting experts suggest that EU exports of PPE could grow by about 50% in the next few years. This is a market with high potential that is targeted by the project implementation. There is a big demand for the development and testing of textile products for targeted level of safety, health and well-being, applicable in special conditions. Currently no adequate test is available for evaluating how does usage influences the level of protection, fit, comfort and ergonomics of the functional or protective textile products. Our envisaged developments need research on novel textile structures with functional performance, which protect limbs, are comfortable, have advanced washing resistance, long-lasting performance and can be used in different sectors (industrial, medical, sports, etc.). The Hungarian researches (by ID-INNO+BME) concentrate on the examination of different novel textile structures (metamaterial, space fabric, high-performance fibres, like carbon, Kevlar, Dyneetex, etc.) prior for producing (by ID-GLOV) prototypes for new kind of anti-vibration knitted gloves, but their use in many other fields are also conceivable. There are several million people worldwide who are working in building industry, forestry and horticulture suffering daily from vibration exposure of hand-held machines (Eurofound 2005). In case of long-lasting and strong hand-arm vibration exposure even a severe vibration-induced white finger disease can be arisen. The often used rubber-like material, foam etc., gives poor wearing comfort, and this is the first reason why workers don’t wear their personal protective equipment. The innovation is based on theoretical works dealing with adoption of techniques and solutions of already existing and new structures, extended by wide-range experimental activities and validation by means of objective and subjective testing (performed in real circumstances). The aim is to find out which can be used to achieve optimal hand protection, and handling characteristics for entering in new markets in the future. Inter-laboratory testing will assure the validation of test results (by ID-INNO+BME+7219). The Romanian partners will develop (by ID-1396+1431) knitted products for assuring and maintaining the wearer’s health, preventing occupational diseases in the IT department and at providing protection in case of accidents caused by the particularities of leisure/recreational activities and sport: textile orthoses to protect the upper limb, targeting people whose occupational activities require that upper limbs bear weight for an extended period of time or that they be subjected to long-term repetitive activities; tights/underclothing for leisure and recreational activities; socks/ stockings/ legwarmers for sportive activities, designed for men, women, children with a high risk of injury by cutting/hitting the lower limbs. The new textile articles are part of the technical textile branch. The degree of novelty consists in: applying new technical knitting solutions for each type of sock/stocking/legging according to their destination; using new multi-functional (antibacterial) raw material combinations within the same product; manufacturing models structured around specific demands. The textile products that are meant to ensure and maintain the users’ health are articles that boast functional performances and a high level of comfort, while having reduced risk for allergic reactions for sensitive users, and with enhanced aesthetic characteristics. During implementation of the project, market analysis (by ID-7219+INNO and Romanian partners) will be carried out and the results of these researches will be taken into consideration for determining the directions of further developments. The mostly applicable outcome of testing will be compared with the requirements of the more remarkable market segment. 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9 918
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690 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Composite materials
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