Cost models for hospitals and local communities

Development of two software packages to advise on sharing of
production costs, to give decision support and to optimise
costs for hospitals and local communities.

Objectives: For hospitals the objective is to develop two software packages: Phase 1: Development of a micromodel, for retrospective and prospective (including simulation) sharing of production costs. Phase 2: Development of a decentralised micromodel for decision support and cost optimisation. For Local Communities the objective is to see whether the basic model can be transposed to the specific reality of local communities and if two equivalent software packages (PLC1/PLC2) can also be developed in the same field (cost sharing, cost optimisation). Four Phases: Phase 1: Non-Medical Staff May 93 to May 94 Medical Staff and production factors other than staff May 93 to Oct 94 Phase 2: Decision Support and Costs Optimisation Dec 93 to Aug 95 PLC1 Staff and production factors other than staff Apr 94 to Jun 96 PLC2 Decision Support and Costs Optimisation Oct 94 to end 96
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13 600 000.00€
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