Intelligent forest protection monitoring system based on wireless sensor network

The objective of the project is to monitor, detect and evaluate environmental incidents in a forest by using a resilient wireless sensors network (wsn) with sensors analyzing sound and/or vibration data. Furthermore, the system will provide analysis and visualization toolkits for rapid intervention.

The intelligent forest protection monitoring system envisions to materialize and implement an integrated wireless sensor network (WSN) concept for detection, tracking and confirmation of random events with potential destructive effects on the forest environment. The monitoring solution will be designed to reduce environmental vulnerabilities of the forest by anticipating trends and intensities of threats (such as vehicles, pests, fire, extreme weather), and working with emergency services to reduce the effects of disasters. The main reason for the project is the safeguarding of nature environment and prevent landslides, especially in forests around the Danube and tributary rivers. The system is built on a robust architecture that integrates a WSN network of ground sensors, central server, the radio and wired communications, and a layer of intelligence information system. Reliability and security of the system is based on special measures of physical protection of the system components exposed to corrosion of the environment, energy efficiency in the arrangement of sensors, network topology adaptation of sensors and radio propagation constraints in forest environment, and multi-modal methods of secure access to databases. Furthermore, we will implement a unique solution for monitoring objects (such as vehicles, electrical machinery or motors) by identifying them primary with analysis of sound and/or vibration measurement data. Expected outcomes of the project are maps with the location and frequency of events, databases, geo-spatial response plans to events, applications for storing, processing and fusion of data in a functional model of the system. The project introduces three innovative components in the system, namely energy efficiency in forest environments for increasing the life of the network of sensors, then a statistical model of risk factors and threats from the forest, used to predict and confirm an event, and collaborative automation of system resources and intervention services in case of environmental threat events. The system will be sold in a basic scenario as a nationwide SaaS service to stakeholders in the forestry domain, especially for efficient monitoring of objects, disaster early warning management and related disaster forecasts. In an extended scenario, the commercialization of the services of the platform will be enlarged in the Balkan/Danube region through BEIA's sales and partners network.
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9 950
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520 000.00€
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Environment Management Systems
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