Intelligent battery monitoring device

A novel approach to battery monitoring systems, ibmd would be able to provide accurate gibbs`s energy level for all battery technologies currently in industrial use.

Aim of this project is to develop a intelligent stand alone battery monitoring device (IBMD) which would be able to completely determine currently available Gibbs energy or battery state of charge (BSOC) and predict all possible faults within a battery before they occur. IBMD would simply plug in into existing battery systems or integrate seamlessly with new ones. IBMD would accurately determine BSOC with electrical measurements (AC/DC voltage and current and impedance as opposed to simple resistance measurement) and nonelectrical values (time and temperature). Current BMD devices are not adequate in predictive determination of all possible faults that can occur within a cell: improper active material deposition on the electrode, electrolyte micro short circuits, surface plate corrosion, nonhomogeneous electrode formation, etc… And current devices cannot monitor all battery technologies adequately. That is why an advanced algorithm would be written for the IBMD that would give the device over 20 years of our engineering expertise in predictive maintenance. It is important to note that the IBMD would be developed to be compatible with all common battery technologies currently in use with the industry (Lead-acid sealed and unsealed, Li-ion, NiMH, Iron-phosphate, etc...). The IBMD would be comprised of a micro-controller unit in the center with measurement inputs and desired customer outputs for signalization (relay, 4-20 mA loop or protocols like Modbus or Foundation Fieldbus) to be able to alert the user when battery capacity drops below a certain predefined value. As a company that specializes in custom made battery powered uninterrupted power supply systems (UPS) and their maintenance, we had to tackle the problems of battery management (charge/ discharge regulation and inspection) in order to produce a quality and reliable product. Our experience has taught us that the continuous battery monitoring is the best solution for proper predictive maintenance so we would like to offer the industry, and all those in need, a device that would decrease the risk of battery failure by predicting when a scheduled maintenance should be done. We have a research facility staffed with experienced engineers and necessary technology to develop and produce this idea so our next goal is to acquire a large number of batteries of different technologies so that a comprehensive study might be performed on all technologies in respect to their behavior in different situations (overheating, low temperatures, spectrum analysis, ripple current measurements, etc…). This will allow us to prepare an extensive database about these phenomena in order to write an algorithm to be used generically with all battery technologies. Currently, such an advanced device does not exist on the market. Our competitive edge in this case is our present and future knowledge combined with experience. Market survey has shown that Croatia alone has over 3000 locations that could benefit from this technology. We have used our contacts with our current clients to present then with the idea and they have allowed us to test the devices in real conditions for feedback but also so that they would witness the benefits of this technology. This project would be a joint venture with a foreign company specialized in sales of industrial measurement devices. That means that we would greatly benefit from their customer database in Europe and increase our market share. It also means that acquisition of new clients would go faster as the initial client base is larger.
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9 989
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Project costs: 
320 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Storage of electricity, batteries
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