Computer- aided decision-assistant system for diagnosis of malignant diseases

To develop computer aided system, assistant diagnostic tool for automated malignant diseases diagnostics based on information obtained from multiple sources

Making a diagnosis is the common clinical and technical problem. Every additional information in diagnostics, in the sense of additional screening diagnostic methods, is precious because it complements the picture of pathologic process in the organism, facilitating thereby the right final diagnosis. The basic problem of every diagnostic method (classical and supplementary) is how to make it the least possible invasive or non-invasive, quick and reliable. Unfortunately, the diagnostic method precision is often in direct proportion to its invasiveness, therefore as such it is the last one to use. Therefore, the work is being done on developing and finding of supplementary diagnostic methods which are less invasive, but usually less precise as well. Regarding that all the methods have their advantages and disadvantages and that none of them is either 100% reliable or uniform, the final diagnosis is always made by using and referring to several different diagnostical methods. The problem of making a right diagnose is solved by developing new, quick, screening diagnostic methods which facilitate and speed up the usual standard clinical procedure. It was invented the new method for recognizing of UV/VIS signals corresponded to malignant and benign diseases obtained by scanning of different body fluids. Recently it was reported that from UV/ VIS spectra differentiation of malignant from benign ascites is possible and multifractal (MF) approach was applied for the analysis of ultravioleUvisible (UV/VIS) spectra as an independent confirmation of the diagnostic efficacy of UV/VIS spectral analysis of intraperitoneal fluids, ascites. Spectral analysis of body liquids, combined with MF analysis, was suggested as a successful and safe screening method. For clinical every-day use of UV/VIS diagnostics combined with MF analysis it is necessary to facilitate diagnostics signals introducing additional tools in the diagnostic procedure. Existing UV/VIS diagnostics combined with MF analysis requires high educated staff (chemists, physicians, engineers) and in present state it is applied in clinical praxis using their obligatory presence and knowledge. Moreover in order to be applied in ordinary clinical praxis, additional assistant diagnostic tools are necessary to simplify the diagnostic UV/VIS signal in a way to convert it in a characteristic color or noise or quite simple shape. The goal of the project is to realize computer-aided decision-assistant (CADA) system for diagnosis of malignant diseases.
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9 991
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260 000.00€
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Design and Modeling / Prototypes
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