Risk based expert system for structural integrity assessment of pressure equipment

The objective of this research is the development of risk based expert system for structural integrity assessment of pressure equipment (resfor). System is based on equipment monitoring and comparative experimental and numerical analysis that enables risk level determining of loaded structures.

During pressure equipment exploitation, failure commonly leads to catastrophic consequences and even death. If pressure equipment is working with aggressive fluid and subjected to cyclic loading, risk of failure is increased. In engineering practice, estimation of when to repair or replace pressure equipment can often be complicated and expensive. The aim of this project is to develop an Expert system that takes into consideration real structure behavior, working load, procedures and standards in order to realistically estimate structural integrity of pressure equipment and its life expectancy. Risk-based Expert System For structural integrity assessment of pressure equipment (RESFOR) will connect strain measurements of loaded components, materials database and potential risks. Use of RESFOR software for structural integrity analysis will enable the user to identify basic engineering solutions for safe pressure equipment exploitation and consider the appropriate safety factors in risk analysis. This way, user can carefully plan reconstruction and maintenance and estimate the lifetime of pressure equipment. RESFOR will rely on state-of-the-art remote strain measuring methods of pressure equipment in service and advanced communication networks, materials database and numerical software that will enable engineers to reliably determine the position and the size of defect in a component. With RESFOR, engineers in Danube region (and the rest of Europe) will get an advanced, innovative mobile system for defect assessment on pressure equipment during exploitation. RESFOR is based on fracture mechanics application, boundary condition analysis, modern IT technologies and state-of-the-art measuring equipment. Advantages of proposed system: ● Mobile system that can be used on site on constructions in use ● Non­destructive method ● Cost reduction due to carefully planned reconstruction and optimal component lifetime ● System applicable to homogeneous materials as well as to welded structures ● Assessment is done using online computer system and modern IT technologies ● All input data and results are stored on a server and are always available for detailed analysis ● Lack of materials data can be overcome by using the materials database ● Big database (standards, procedures and materials) can speed up, simplify and ease the analysis. The objective of this research is the development of Risk-based Expert System For Structural Integrity Assessment of Pressure Equipment (RESFOR). System is based on pressure equipment monitoring and comparative experimental and numerical analysis that enables determination of risk levels of loaded structure and their integrity assessment. This project includes the following activities: ● Selection of complementary international standards, procedures and recommendations in the field of structure integrity and risk based inspection applicable to Danube region. ● Developing a procedure for the technical planning of the monitoring subsystem. The subsystem consists of device for 3D displacement measurement and smart mobile acquisition device with integrated database and decision-making system. ● Creation of the content server. Electronic format generation based on previous activities and risk monitoring activities. Creation of a database for pressure equipment materials, geometries and loading cases. ● Methodology development for 3D measurement: defining fluid pressure, forces, continual loading, bending moment and torsion in static and dynamic loading conditions. ● Numerical model development using the Finite Element Method (FEM) used for stress and strain field analysis. ● Application development for data acquisition. ● Application development for full field displacement, strain and stress measurement. ● Analysis of components with cracks using FEM. ● Defining laboratory conditions. Measurement and analysis of various loaded components. Numerical model verification. ● Development of personal digital assistant (PDA). Integration of acquisition application. Defining routine for communication with user and manual/automatic data entry. ● Development of communication protocols. Connecting module for stereometric measurement and PDA device. Verification of acquisition and user interface. ● Application development for integrity assessment based on FEM: calculation of stress intensity factor, contour J­integral, CTOD and SMOD parameters, forming CTOD curve and two parameter fracture analysis diagram FAD. ● Integration of developed applications into content server. Linking application to developed databases. Creation of risk-based decision-making system. ● Expert system expansion with modules for laboratory and on­site risk-based monitoring of dynamically loaded structures. Application development for simplified FEM modeling of structures with initial cracks. ● Connecting measurement module and PDA device to server. Creation of GSM and Internet communication protocols. 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