Massive machine-type communications for new radio

the emerging iot market relies on efficient and scalable wireless connectivity as a cornerstone and enabler for the diverse space of iot applications that are foreseen by analysts and academia. Recent standardization efforts in 3gpp have led to the creation of nb-iot and lte-m technologies explicitly focusing on massive machine type communication (mmtc) and internet of things (iot) use cases. Current standardization efforts of 3gpp new radio (nr) do however not address support for mmtc and the main focus of the antonio project is to develop solutions for a future nr based iot system suitable for standardization in release 16 or beyond but selected enhancements may also be applicable to future versions of other systems such as nb-iot or lte-m. The project will develop new solutions extending the capabilities of mobile systems beyond what current technologies such as nb-iot and lte-m can provide. New features will be evaluated and showcased in practical demonstrations with testbeds. Requirements will be derived from real world use cases and the feasibility supporting the use cases will be demonstrated. Technical challenges that will be addressed include operation at high frequencies, support for latency sensitive mmtc applications, spectrum flexibility, efficient co-existence with lte, energy performance and support for extreme coverage. The consortium has been designed to cover device, application, network infrastructure and network operation aspects._x000d_

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