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consumer iot (internet of things) is a new service which has been and is being launched worldwide. As with every new service and every new technology, iot also, suffers from birth pangs. Multiple service providers have launched iot services at great effort. Choosing an iot service by an operator or service provider is a complex decision, based on: wireless technologies, system topologies, product portfolio and “look and feel”, data security, wireless range and interference, platform options, total system cost, installation and maintenance cost, and more. Iot did get in to a rocky start but as the years go by the market is learning and solutions are being pivoted._x000d_
as the market is still in its infant stage, one cannot make a decisions on what is available today or on nice and appealing designs – they must be based on real technological and commercial advantages such as: wireless range / interference, data security, total number of devices and cost of installation, availability of technology in the home hub (reducing the cost of an external ott or accessory) and future features such as voice-assistant speaker, integrated voice and video on consolidated wireless technologies._x000d_
consumer iot enables manufacturers and service providers to offer residential customers new value added services on top of their commodity services such as internet and voice. However the iot consumer electronics industry is highly fragmented already in terms of wireless technology, platform and value propositions. As a result, a single iot solution fails to deliver all or majority of the abovementioned technological and commercial advantages, so consumers are forced to buy independent multiple smart gateways / solutions that lacks full interoperability and standardization, and that leads to high total cost of ownership on consumer end._x000d_
home plus aims at putting together comprehensive iot services such as smart home and voice assistantship, on top of android tv box functionalities in a single all-in-one gateway. This gateway will support one or more of the well-known proven wide-range wireless technologies such as wi-fi, dect ule, bluetooth low energy (ble), zigbee and z-wave._x000d_
home plus’s all-in-one gateway will be incorporated to connect various smart home appliances and an iot connection management platform will be required to enable various applications. These applicable solutions include: home health, entertainment, security, and home automation, which idyllically promotes a safer, happier, and more comfortable and convenient lifestyle._x000d_

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