Advanced ethanol

The project will develop advanced technologies for conversion of fibrous organic wastes (lignocellulose) into bio-ethanol, as a biofuel for transportation and electricity production. The conversion of organic wastes avoids the landfilling of these pulp&paper processing residues, thus avoiding the associated ghg emissions, while further environmental benefits are obtained by replacement of fossil fuels with ethanol. Avoided disposal costs become part of the revenue of the bio-ethanol production facility, while feedstock transport costs are avoided, thus improving the economic viability of ethanol production. The development and application of advanced yeasts for low-cost conversion of lignocellulose to ethanol will further improve process performance and decrease process costs, thus enabling production of bio-ethanol for less than us$0.50/litre. Globalyeast and stellenbosch university are at the forefront of advanced yeast development, and will combine efforts to include industrial demonstration of yeast performance in this project

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