The present and future scenario of the power system implies a high need for flexibility on electricity and resource management. Coping with the present challenges in the most affordable way is meeting the different objectives in the energy value chain and improving customers’ participation and benefits in the energy market with upcoming legislations. Target of this project can be categorized in two phases; first is to install storage + rooftop pv in a pilot scale and simulate the cost-benefit analysis for the whole island; and second is to investigate feasibility of integrating wide scale pv along with storage devices as operational and planning measures in island distribution grids. Optimum planning and operational decision support tools will be developed for utilizing storage systems in the grid. Contributions of storage devices to the grids of islands in terms of minimizing losses, delaying capacity investments, reliability of the grid in case of failures in the primary substations and seasonal abnormal loadings, will be addressed considering the contraints with preserving historical sites in the islands

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Transmission of electricity
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Energy Conservation Related

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