The solarpact project will develop and demonstrate advanced software applications for solar prosumers, which lower the end consumers’ energy cost and stimulates decentralised generation by smart scheduling. Today, 3e offers synaptiq as a software-as-a-service (saas) solution for in-depth performance monitoring and management of commercial photovoltaic (pv) assets. Synaptiq is currently connected to over 3 gw of installations in more than 18 countries. The major part are rooftop installations for which the owner wants to optimize the local energy flow, which have local grid constraints or which are completely stand-alone. Such installations come often with local energy storage, and their share increases rapidly to overcome grid constraints. In the solarpact project, 3e will use synaptiq to provide feedback and control signals for the scheduling of local loads for a smarter use of the local generation. Due to the electrification of heating and cooling, and decreasing battery prices, also households start to have flexibility. As such, in the solarpact project, solarçatı will use synaptiq to create a hardware-independent monitoring app tailored to the residential sector needs. This way household users will be able to interact with the load shifting algorithms, on top of using the application for monitoring purposes. The whole package of solarpact will bring additional value by giving the user the control on load shifting and smart scheduling. In order to guarantee agile tool development, the relevant stakeholders will be involved as from the beginning in the solarpact product definition and product validation.

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Transmission of electricity
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Energy Conservation Related

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