Spanish EUREKA Chair

Spain is a EUREKA founding member country taking over the network’s chairmanship for the third time. The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) is a Spanish public organisation, under the Ministry of Science and Innovation, whose objective is to help Spanish companies to increase their technological profile. CDTI manages the Spanish participation in EUREKA including the responsibility of approving and financing projects.In the last years, Spain has been an engine of project submission and participation.

Spain has set three main priorities for their chair year


To pave the way to evolve EUREKA into a global initiative for the competitiveness of its Member Countries, a deep reflection of the Network will be necessary, collaborating in the Executive Group and the High-Level Group in the preparation of a final declaration of the Ministerial Conference that strategically will reinterpret the founding principles of the Hannover Declaration.

A smart Globalization Approach, using a step by step process (GlobalStars, Association, Full Membership) within an internationalization strategy, will be discussed under the principle of activating a strong project generation by the wide EUREKA Network, with the final aim of positioning EUREKA as the utmost adequate tool for the industry to cooperate at global level, accessing more easily new market and fresh talent.

Upgrade EUREKA

EUREKA performance shall be optimized and its instruments updated.

A renewed corpus will be produced integrating scattered old documents, searching for a comprehensible coherence, including new management issues and the different instruments support of the industry (EUREKA 2.0, E!nnovest, updated Network and Cluster projects definition in relation to societal and economic challenges). New Cluster initiatives will be explored and undertaken. In coordination with the European Commission, synergies with EUREKA and Horizon 2020 will be deepened (E.I.C., SME Instrument, Fast Track to Innovation, InvestHorizon, EEN Era-Nets and Innovative Public Purchasing). The aim will contribute to offer better adapted instruments to the Industry needs, optimizing its management and of the whole Initiative, for a bigger project generation together with a strong support and representability of the participant countries.


In mid-2017 two mid-term evaluation reports on EUREKA Instruments will be performed: The review of the results of the Strategic Roadmap and the review of Eurostars-2. Its results, together with the results of the EUREKA Impact Study, will give additional inputs of the Declaration to be issued at the end of the Ministerial Conference.


Join us at the EUREKA Innovation Week 2017

The Open EUREKA Innovation Week is an opportunity for you to meet, share and discuss ideas with approximately 1,000 stakeholders from European industry. SMEs, academia, policymakers, representatives from funding agencies and public authorities and many more.

Sharing technology is the aim of the EIW2017, working and sharing ideas and experiences in an open way on smart technologies, such as

  • Clean Tech
  • Digital Society, ICT
  • Bioeconomy
  • Health&Biomedical
  • Industry 4.0
  • Advanced materials
  • Smart transport and Infrastructure

When & Where

CCIB – Barcelona 15-19 May



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