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Ukraine statement

Members of the Eureka network from Europe and around the world stand together in solidarity with Ukraine and its citizens and strongly condemn the Russian Federation’s attack on Ukraine.

Eureka, the global public network for cooperation in R&D and innovation, promotes projects with civilian purpose and the goal of boosting national economies and enhancing societal well-being. All our members must respect the principles and values of democracy, human rights and international law.

Eureka high-level representatives voted on 17 March 2022 for the immediate suspension of Russia from the network. The Russian Federation will consequently lose access to all Eureka programmes and activities until further notice.

What we do for you

  • Provide access to public funding

    As the national funding body in your country, we give you access to public funding for your R&D projects.

  • Drive international collaboration

    We can help you find international partners, build your ideal project consortium and choose the best programme.

  • Boost expansion into new markets

    We will support you as you access new markets by providing tools and advice for expansion.

  • Offer personalised advice

    The Eureka national project coordinator (NPC) in your country can advise, support and guide you from the development of your project idea to its commercialisation.

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